Tuesday, February 20, 2018

All is Self

On a recent visit to Siddhaloka (ashram of P.P. Sri Swami Chetanananda Saraswati), we watched few videos of P.P. Sri Muktananda Baba. HE was using the phrase "Inner Self" (antaratma) while talking to HIS devotees. This prompted me to think about this phrase.

If there is Inner Self, then definitely there might be Outer Self. That means, Self is both inside and outside. Just like there is space inside and outside of an earthen pot. The moment the pot breaks, one can't distinguish between the inner and outer space. Similarly, Self resides inside and outside our bodies as Consciousness (Chaitanyam). There is no difference between this Inner and Outer Selfs. The moment body-mind-intellect-ego dissolves, one experiences Self as pervading every where (inside and outside). One experiences "All is Self". This has been the teachings of Siddhas.

Siddhas teach that even though the Self is all pervading, it is readily experienced inside our bodies. That could be the reason why Siddhas and saints lay great emphasis on abiding as Inner Self. Siddhas teach that even the body-mind-intellect-ego is Self in contracted form. The great force of illusion (Maya) is also considered as form of divine Shakti (Kundalini) and HER blessings are sought to go beyond HER illusion. Shakti is Self in dynamic form.

Just like waves originate and fall back in Ocean, everything originates and merges back into Self. Just like waves are ocean, everything that originates from Self is also Self (of course in dynamic form (Shakti)).

All is Self. All is divine. All is Sri Gurudev. All is divine mother Shakti. All is Siva. All is One.

I bow to lotus feet of my Gurudev.

Friday, August 12, 2016

While answering to a devotee's query, P.P. Gurudev blessed us with the following understanding:

"Sri Guru, Self, Shiva and Kundalini are one and the same. They shouldn't be treated as different."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Greatness of Human life

In the last visit to Siddhaloka, Swamiji mentioned that Bhagawan Nityananda used to repeatedly stress about the greatness of human life to children so that they will grasp it at least once. Swamiji mentioned that this vani (saying) of Bhagawan should always be remembered so that we do not waste the human life that we got after countless lives.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Who am I?

I am the breather.
I am the breath and
I am the breathing.

I am the seer.
I am the seen and
I am the seeing.

I am the perceiver.
I am the perceived and
I am the perceiving.

I am the knower.
I am the knowledge and
I am the knowing.

I am the listener.
I am the listened and
I am the listening.

I am the thinker.
I am the thought and
I am the thinking.

I am the subject of meditation.
I am the object of meditation and
I am the meditation.

I am Shiva!! I am Shiva!! I am Shiva!!

Shivoham... Shivoham... Shivoham.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sri Guru Vaani: Why can't you achieve God Realization?

In a recent satsang with P.P. Sri Gurudev, myself and Sri Ravi K got an opportunity to listen to Sri Gurudev's words on Meditation and what it takes to achieve God Realization. I will attempt to recollect to the best of my abilities. HE spoke in Kannada (My proficiency in Kannada is not so great):

"Dhyanada technique inda Devuru Siggatta? AAga aaagidhre evvagalo Devurune maarbhidthayuduru. Devuru siggadhu ellara birth right.

Nimge yaake Sigalla (HE was referring to GOD). Pakshigarige, Praanigalige siggathe. Nimge yaake sigalla? Erudu Uuvva kodu Mara, Hatthu Uuvva Kodthadhe. Shudhdha manasadhindha dina praarthana maadu beku Devuruge. Kanditha sigtare."

English translation is as follows:

"Can you get God Realization with a Meditation technique? If that is the case, people would have sold God long back. Achieving God Realization is every body's birth right.

Why can't you achieve God Realization? Birds and animals get HIM (God), why can't you? A plant that usually gives two flowers starts giving 10 flowers.One can only pray to GOD with deep devotion and pure mind. GOD will surely bless us with HIS GRACE."

HE went on to say that people ask HIM for meditation techniques. Once river water merges with the ocean, it loses its identity of river water. It is now the ocean. It has forgotten the path it took through the mountains and plains to merge with the ocean. Whatever is the path, river ultimately has to merge in the ocean. The path is not important but the merging with the ocean is. Be pure and natural and let the grace carry you to the destination.

There is so much meaning in the above sentences. Sri Guru Gita says "Mantra moolam Guru Vaakyam". That is, root of MANTRA is Sri Guru's words.

May my mind always dwell on Sri Gurudev's lotus feet.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sri Guru Vaani: What is the right understanding of the world?

The first view (that is, world is mithya) helps when one is in the initial stages of exploration of Self. Once when one has got a glimpse of the omnipotent and omnipresent nature of Self, one experiences that the world is a play of Consciousness. It is filled and pervaded with Chiti (Universal Consciousness). Chiti pervades everything, everyone and every place. Upon Self Realization, one is permanently established in equality-consciousness, that is: Everything is inside Brahman and Brahman is inside every thing and every one.

Even when one experiences that Brahman is inside every one, one needs to use common sense and buddhi (intellect) while living in this phenomenal world. Here HE mentioned about a story about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's devotee:

Devotee heard the saint telling him that Brahman is in every thing and every one. While the devotee was walking outside, he saw a wild tusker approaching him and the mahout who is sitting on top of the tusker was requesting everyone to move out of the tusker's way. But the devotee thought that the Brahman is inside elephant as well and hence it won't harm another Brahman (who is inside himself). With this understanding, he stays put on the way of the tusker, which lifts the devotee and throws him at a distance. The devotee suffers severe injuries to his body. Later when the devotee revealed his story to the saint, the saint asked him why he didn't listen to a TOP BRAHMAN (referring to the Mahout sitting on top of the elephant) who is sitting on top of DOWN Brahman (referring to the elephant). The moral of the story is that even after the realization of Unity Consciousness, one needs to employ common sense in life.

I hope I was able to convey Sri Gurudev's Vaani exactly. If there are many mistakes, they are mine.

My Notes:

Following are some Slokas that deal with understanding of the World:
  • Sarvam Brahma Niraabhaasam (Sri Guru Gita): Everything is pervaded by BRAHMAN
  • Mamaatam Sarva Bhutaatma (Sri Guru Gita): My Self is the Self of all beings
  • NaaShivam vidyate kvachit (Svacchanda Tantra): Nothing exists that is not Shiva
  • Svecchayaa svabhittau vishvam unmeelayati (Pratyabhijanahridayam): By the power of HER own free will, Chiti (universal consciousness) unfolds the universe on HER own screen
  • Chaitanyam Aatma (Siva Sutras): Self is Consciousness. I remember referring to this sloka many times

Friday, June 22, 2012

What is the right understanding about the world?

I always had this question: How should I view this phenomenal world?

Our scriptures reveal the following views:
  1. World is an illusion: It is not real. We are not the body, mind and intellect. We are the Self.
  2. World is a play of Chiti (consciousness): World is real and is filled with Chiti. World is inside GOD and GOD at the same time is inside everything, everywhere and everyone.
Whenever I practiced the first view, it helped in getting a little bit of Vairagya but at the same time I was negating everything in life and often a negative mood used to set in, which again seemed counter productive to leading a blissful life. It created lot of friction and confusion when I am leading my life in the centre of a cut throat competitive world. With this view, there is a tendency of neglecting and torturing the body and mind. If I AM not the body and mind, why should I care about their well being? One can recollect the initial days of Lord Buddha's sadhana. There is a tendency to neglect one's duties and responsibilities.

The second view says that everything and everyone is permeated with Chiti (consciousness). When everything is GOD, everything is holy. So one need not negate and belittle ones life. This gave great comfort and helped in fulfilling the responsibilities. With this view, one can view the body as the temple of the Lord and take care of it well. But with this view, once in a while I used to end up in spiritual laziness and getting enmeshed too much in worldly things.

Both the above views looked contradictory. So, are the scriptures revealing contradictory views of the world and life? So what is the right understanding of the world?

Since Sri Gurudev used to discourage intellectual gymnastics, I thought may be I am indulging in intellectual gymnastics, which is not good. But I always felt that at least the right understanding of the life and world is essential in leading a good life and facing all circumstances in our lives.

So, recently I have put forth these questions to Parama Poojya Sri Gurudev. HIS reply gave great comfort and right understanding to me. I will be sharing that in the next post. Perfection comes from a perfect BEING.

I pray to Sri Gurudev's lotus feet to bestow the treasure of Viveka (right discrimination), Vairagya (dispassion and detachment) and Gnana (right knowledge).